Friday, April 6, 2018

Week 11 Story: Three Fishes

Once upon a time, there were three fishes. Their names were Very-Thoughtful, Thoughtful and Thoughtless. 

Very-Thoughtful, the leader of the group, was a smart and cunning fish. He always excelled in whatever he put his mind to and he never was easily influenced by bad decisions. 

Thoughtful, although not as smart, was still a relatively intelligent fish. He always thought things through, and weighed the pros and cons of every situation before he made decisions. However, sometimes those decisions weren't always the right ones. 

Finally, there was Thoughtless, the weakest-minded fish of the group. Who knows why they kept this guy around. He had the attention span of a nematode, he was always getting himself into trouble with sharks and such, and he never thought about a decision before making it. 

One day, the three fishes were swimming towards a city. Very-Thoughtful felt weird and told the other two that they should swim back home. Civilizations have people that hunt and eat fish like them and it would be too dangerous for them there. It was a better idea to just go home. 

However, Thoughtless had to go running his mouth again, "But the city is so cool! Our home is boring. Don't you guys want to see what's in store there?" 

Thoughtful weighed both of the options carefully in his head, but in the end, he went with Thoughtless' idea to keep swimming towards the city. In his mind, what was so bad about a new experience? 

Very-Thoughtful was hesitant but he couldn't let his friends keep swimming alone. Who knows what kind of trouble Thoughtless could get them in. 

When they got to the city, they immediately regretted their decision to keep swimming. A huge net suddenly surrounded Thoughtless and Thoughtful with Very-Thoughtful watching from the outside, helpless and not knowing how to save his friends. 

Suddenly, he had an idea. If he distracted the fisherman, maybe he would try to catch Very-Thoughtful and his friends would have a chance to escape. He began to flail and splash around in the water and the fisherman took his net from Thoughtful and Thoughtless as he tried to catch Very-Thoughtful. 

This was their chance. The second the net was gone, Very-Thoughtful shouted "Swim away! Swim and don't look back!" The three fishes might as well have been Michael Phelps with the way they booked it out of that city. 

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Author's Note:  This story was an expansion on the 3 Fishes story in Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbit. There wasn't any real story change, I just wanted to expand on the story and make it a little more interesting by describing the fish more and giving the situation more detail


  1. Hey Tib, I enjoyed your story! I got a chuckle out of your description of Thoughtless Fish. Very Thoughtful is such a good friend to have followed them to the city when he knew it was a bad idea, then putting himself at risk to rescue the other two. I'm glad that they pulled a Michael Phelps and were able to escape!

  2. Hi Tib! I liked your story a lot. As cheesy as it was, I really liked the fishes' names (but I have to say, if I had a friend named Thoughtless with brains to match, I think I wouldn't be his friend any more.) I was expecting Thoughtful to get caught, but was glad to see a happy ending.