Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dead Week: Learning by HEART

I decided to look at my schedule for this Learning Challenge. Since the semester is almost over, I decided to look at my schedule for next semester. All of my classes are in the afternoon, except for Friday, I just have one morning class. All of my classes are in Gaylord, so they are all classes that I care about and will help me with my future career. I just need to learn how to manage my time and really take advantage of the free mornings that I will have. Whether that be studying or getting a part time internship/job, I don't want to slack off.

Clock (KMART)

Dead Week: Back Up and Review

Hanuman (Daily Announcements)
This graphic was my favorite on the announcement page. I love Hanuman and really liked this art that depicted him.

This video was really cool! I've always seen OK Go making cool videos and this one did not disappoint. The colors were vibrant and the creativity was there. Loved it!

Dead Week More Reading: Epified Krishna

Krishna Wikipedia
Krishna is a major deity in the religion of Hinduism. He made enemies before he was even born and became a friend to those in need but an enemy to those who sought out to harm Krishna's loved ones. Everyone thought that he was of the world, but they were wrong, they were a part of Krishna's world because Krishna was an avatar of the god Vishnu. He's one of the main characters of the Mahabharata. Krishna was a main helper of the Pandavas during their many adventures and troubles.

Krishna Comes

Dead Week Wikipedia Trail: Infinity War to Weight Loss

Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War is the 19th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the biggest movie in theaters right now. I just saw it and loved it, so I wanted to look it up on Wikipedia.

One of the characters in the movie had the super power of hypnosis, so I clicked the link. I never realized that hypnosis dated back to the 1800s!

Weight loss
Hypnosis led me to weight loss because apparently people can be hypnotized into losing weight. Weight loss is good if you're overweight or obese, but can be bad for your health if you lose too much weight. 

Infinity War Poster (Wikipedia)

Dead Week Famous Last Words: Summer and Senior Year Part 1

I have one final left. Just one final until summer vacation. I just finished my senior year of college, but I have one year left. So one senior year down, one to go. I'm staying in Norman this summer and hopefully interning in OKC. For advertising/media internships they let you hear back absurdly late, so I'm on pins and needles right now. I'm excited for next school year too. I'm living with 5 close friends in a house near campus and will be graduating next May. It'll be weird to end college, but I'm ready for the next chapter in my life and want to see what the future holds. But for right now, I'm still in school and trying to pave the way for my future as best I can. Glad to be done with this semester though, just two to go, then we're outta here.
OU (Google)

Dead Week Tech Tip: Google Define

Defined "confabulate." I had heard the word before and didn't know the meaning. Now I do. I'll use Google Define more often!

Dead Week Story: A Wolf in Rat's Clothing

Rat (Google)

There was once a colony of rats ruled by a graceful and wise king. Every day they would go out into the wilderness and hunt for food, and every night they would go back to their home and share what they had with the rest of the colony. However, a wolf caught notice of these rats and became intrigued.

This wolf loved to eat rats. Rats were his favorite food and he would do anything to get his paws on a delicious rat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. So he approached the rats' home, pretending to have a limp.

"What are you doing here, Wolf? We don't want any trouble, we just want to live in peace." said the king.

"Oh no no no, I don't want to eat you, mighty rat. No I have a limp and cannot walk, would it be an inconvenience if I rested during the day outside of your domain?" said the wolf.

The king rat agreed, and the wolf's plan was in effect.

For weeks, every day the wolf would wait for the rats to go about their daily business and pick the last rat in line to eat.

One by one, the rats dissapeared and no one knew what was happening.

The king slowly became suspicious. He decided to be the last one in line one day and wanted to catch the wolf in the act of trying to eat a rat.

As he planned, once he was the last one to leave, the wolf lunged at the king rat with his bite. However, the king was fast and dove out of the way, and into the wolf's neck, biting him.

The wolf was dead and the rats were no longer in danger.

The End

More Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbitt

Author's Note: This story was a brief telling of the Clever Wolf story from More Jataka Tales

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Reading B: Final Jataka Tales

The Noble Horse
A noble horse was taken into battle and helped a knight capture six kings. Upon capturing the sixth king, the horse was wounded but knew that the knight had to capture one more. So after the final king was captured, the horse died. Everyone knew of the horse's nobility and he was remembered. War never broke out again.

The Patient Buffalo
A monkey tormented a buffalo by jumping on his back, trampling his food and hitting him with sticks. The buffalo never fought back and told a fairy it was because the monkey did not have much brain. The fairy gave the buffalo a charm that allowed him to never be annoyed by the monkey again.

The Quarrelsome Quails
When a hunter came to capture quails, the King quail told them to work together and fly away to escape the net, but never to fight. If they were to fight, they could be caught. One day the hunter came back and two of the quails began to fight and he caught them. But the King quail and the quails who heeded his words were never caught.

Twenty Jataka Tales by Noor Inayat
King Quail (Babel)


Reading A: MORE Jataka Tales

The Fairy and the Hare
A hare, a weasel and a monkey lived together and gathered food. They decided to gather food for poor creatures and give the food away. A fairy wanted to test them, so she transformed into a beggar and approached each of them. They all offered her food, and even offered themselves as food. The fairy made a fire but the flames were cool. The hare was confused, but the fairy let him know that it was a test and they passed because of their kind hearts.

The Master's Test
An old master told his pupils to go and steal money for him because they were young. However, one pupil told the master that even when no one was watching, he was watching himself, so he couldn't do it. The master smiled and said that he passed the test. The pupils realized from then on that even when no one is watching, they are watching themselves.

The Two Pigs
A woman adopts two pigs. She keeps them for years until there is a feast. Men get her drunk and convince her to give them one of the pigs to eat. The other pig tells the pig to not be sad to leave the world, but to feel joy. The words echo across the land and the pigs are honored by the king. Even after the king dies, the land is joyous.

Twenty Jataka Tales by Noor Inayat
Master and Pupil (Babel)