Sunday, March 4, 2018

Wikipedia Trails: From Blues to the Indian Removal Act

I started my trail off here because of the Sita Sings the Blues movie I watched the other week. I love blues music but wanted to know it's origin. It started in the Deep South and has roots in African American traditional work songs that date back to the era of slavery. It's crazy to see how far blues has come.

Elvis Presley
The blues then took me to Elvis Presley's page, otherwise known as the King of Rock and Roll. Presley died at the young age of 42 due to poor health. His health was poor because his diet consisted mainly of heavy, rich and unhealthy Southern cooking like chicken-fried steak and biscuits and gravy.

Elvis had Cherokee blood in him, so I clicked on this link. I actually have Cherokee blood in me as well!

Indian Removal Act
The Indian Removal Act was an act signed by president Andrew Jackson in 1830. This act forced Native American tribes to migrate west past the Mississippi River and walk the Trail of Tears. The act went down in history as cruelty towards the native people that were moved from their homes and forced to go to unfamiliar territory, where many of them died on the way.

This was an interesting trail to go down. One minute, I'm looking at a good genre of music, the next minute, I'm looking at a very sad and unfortunate event in American history.

Andrew Jackson (Wikipedia


  1. Hello Tib! It's so crazy how one word can lead you so many different directions. I never did the Wikipedia Trails as extra credit but looking how you did it, makes it seem like a quick, fun, and easy assignment to do! It's really cool that one type of Indian somehow led you to the other type.

  2. Hey, Tib, I love doing the Wikipedia trails because you never know where you'll end up. Isn't it crazy how you went from Blues music to the Indian Removal Act? That was an interesting rabbit hole to fall down - from a musical genre to the Trail of Tears. Funny how that can happen, anyway thanks for sharing.