Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Reading A: Jakata Tales

How the Turtle Saved His Own Life
People think turtle is a demon, want to kill him. Think of throwing him in the water to kill him and the turtle tricks them and tells them that he hates the water and will die. They throw him in and he is back in his home.

Crocodile and Monkey
Crocodile wants to feed his mother monkey heart. Monkey says that his heart is in a tree so the crocodile takes him there. Monkey tricks crocodile when crocodile opens his mouth to eat him and monkey escapes.

The Foolish Timid Rabit
Basically Chicken Little with the sky is falling. Coconut falls on Rabbit's head, he tells everyone that the earth is breaking up, every animal believes him and then the lion tells the rabbit that it was just a coconut.

The Ox Who Won the Forfeit
A strong ox's owner bets money that he can pull a thousand carts. But he whips the ox in front of everyone and the ox does nothing. The ox then tells him to be nicer and not whip him. When the owner is kind and encouraging, the ox moves the carts and wins his owner's money back.

Jataka Tales by Ellen C. Babbit

The Jatakas Book (Indian Epics)

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